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IEEE Young Professionals is the group of IEEE members who have graduated from their first professional degree within the past 15 years. This is a group of young scientists and engineers at the early stage of career who share knowledge, enthusiasm and collaboration readiness around the globe. As a young professional, you are in transition between student days and job opportunities, where you need a boost in your early career in terms of skills and contacts. This is also a category where you are experienced enough to become senior professional or manager in industry, principal investigator or research group founder in academy, or CEO or technical director in startups. It is a diverse group of both early researchers and practitioners, and technically most skilled experts.

We empower this diversity, knowledge and experience through professional, technical and entrepreneurial thematic events: lectures, workshops, conferences, congresses and networking events. The session will bring these ways closer through individual paths and success stories of our volunteers and will present the possible programs to support local such activities with up to $2750 per year.

This event is organized from the UNED, led by its Vicerrectorado de Estudiantes y Emprendimiento, in combination with the Student Branch of the IEEE of the UNED, will develop a new activity with the participation of students who belong to the Branch, in collaboration with other Vicerrectorados de la UNED (Investigación e Internacionalización, Centros Asociados), the Associate Center of Madrid at its headquarters in Las Tablas, the Schools of Industrial Engineering, Computer Science and the Faculty of Sciences (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Environment), the Teaching Innovation Project (PID) for Teaching Innovation Groups (GID) of the UNED, GID2016-17 «Laboratorios de STEM y robótica educativa para la mejora de la experiencia del estudiante – STEM‐SEC», the Spanish Chapter of the IEEE Education Society and Plaza Robotica.

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